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We develop and implement cost-effective campaigns to grow your business.

Have You Given Up On Digital Marketing?

  • Are you losing money in the black hole of digital marketing?
  • Are you getting clicks or likes but no sales?
  • Are you losing your marketing share to competitors who seem to have nailed it?
  • Have you given up on scaling your business?

Partner With Digital Fox For Success

  • We maximise your ROI through clever spending.
  • You will know what you spend and why through our transparent pricing model.
  • Our services are accessible to all business sizes. We are the right fit throughout your journey.
  • You will gain a committed, accountable partner who listens to your needs and explains the data truthfully.
  • We will create a campaign that gives you the leads and sales that you want.

How can we help you?

We have an exceptional range of services to help you

PPC/Google Ads

What do you care about most? Reaching your end client of course. Let’s get you set up to do just that and help you run campaigns that matter. Our google advertising covers search ads, app and youtube ads, as well as display ads to raise awareness about your brand.

Paid Social Ads

We cover it all - from direct marketing avenues like Instagram, Facebook, all the way to LinkedIn, so we can really get your Business to Business marketing up to scratch.

Social Media & Community Management

The final key pieces is making sure you have authenticity and continuity across all the elements of your brand - our community managers do just that.

Graphic Design

In this increasingly visual world, a logo that pops and your own icons for memorable association, is a great way to get brand loyalty. Why stop there, speak to our team about getting creative for your ads and overall design needs.

Web Design & Development

All the elements which your business needs for its online presence - fast and sleek designs built on WordPress so that you can easily take over, should you wish to.

Landing pages

Get more leads, sales, and customers with landing pages design service. Get higher conversion rates using lead forms popups to capture emails


What is the point of all this if your narrative doesn't speak your truth. Let our writers build your brand voice with you and help it help you through google rankings.

Content Creation & Video

We can strategize all your content needs, including explainer videos, mobile videos, drone footage, videos for branding, as well as any blogs, social media and ads to tie your brand voice and image together.

Public Relations

Image. Image. Image. As your business grows, so does your footprint. Let’s get you in the right places with the right faces.

Why work with us?

We have more than 15 years of combined experience in digital marketing. As a result, we excel at understanding your specialty and connecting you with your clients. We are proud to have many long-standing clients, in various industries, and the fact that 90% of our clients have been referred to us from already happy clients speaks for itself.

How to make digital marketing work with us


Meet us for coffee

We look forward to hearing your business’ hopes and dreams, and which challenges we can face together.



Free marketing audit

We evaluate your marketing and dig deep into the data to understand your business. We develop a strong strategy that will get you to your goals at minimum expense.



Run your campaign

We keep a close eye on your campaigns to optimise and adjust for a perfect marketing mix. You are always in control of your ad spend, without any hidden costs.



Grow your business and celebrate

We bring champagne!


Our Clients

We pride ourselves to generate lasting results for businesses from a wide range of industries.


Meet Our Team


Sarah Heintz

Founder & Digital Marketing Strategist


Brittni van Zyl

Team Lead & Key Account Manager


Alexandra Krax

Digital Campaign and Accounts Manager


Emilio Gharbaharan



Gina Reingold



Hannah Kahn

Digital Designer


Danni Tredoux

Digital Designer


Alex Stander

Social Media Manager


Patson Pedzisayi

PPC Specialist


Darren Jones

PPC Campaign Manager and Co-ordinator


Benjamin Brandt

PPC Campaign Manager


Morgan Erickson

Junior Social Media & PPC Intern


Michael Rampjapedi

eCommerce & Web Analytics Specialist


Joffre Panchana

Web & Graphic Designer


Jonah Zilberg

Digital Marketing Intern


Maya Cottee

Graphic Designer